Friday, July 12, 2013

why the samurai armor at the Walter's Art Gallery is less intimidating than it should be

Emblazoned dragon,
Angry grimace. WAIT, what's that? 

Bunnies are not fierce.


Rea said...

Bunnies are so fierce!!!

Rea said... that a haiku??? It totally IS!!!

Niki said...

You don't like haikus so I hafta sneak them in, Rea.
You, Bunny, are fierce; little, furry,hoppy, nose-wrinkling bunnies are not fierce. And the one on his helmet appears to be a pharmacist...

Scott Hamilton said...

Do you want the real answer? The rabbit churning is a traditional symbol for the moon in eastern Asian cultures. It comes from how they interpret the pattern on the moon's face, what we see as the "Man in the Moon." I assume the other flap was sun imagery.

Douglas said...

Fetch the Holy Hand Grenade!

Niki said...

Cool. I knew it had to be symbolic of something; I thought maybe that particular warrior was born in the year of the Hare.
I do love to learn things.
However, you have to admit, he isn't very fierce compared to the rest of the suit.