Sunday, July 14, 2013

mmmmmmm... dessert

fTMs Miriam and Felicia have shared an apartment for a year; at the end of the summer their lease is up. Tonite they hosted one more gathering: a dessert and wine party.
There were so many yummy things from cookies to granite to brownies to ice cream to cobbler to pumpkin dumplings in coconut milk. We had champagne and chocolate zinfandel and orange ummmm.... some wine type that starts with an M.

But there are no pictures.
I was far too engrossed in tasting everything and chatting to remember to take pictures.
However, my favorite thing all evening was so delicious that I am willing to post about it with a shutterstock photo.

Abby showed up with champagne (there is a lot left over from her sister's wedding) which Scott opened and poured all around.
Into my glass went some of Miriam's homemade raspberry granita.
Can you say BUBBLES?
It was so, so, so good that I went back for more and I don't normally drink two of anything.
You have to make some granita this summer and toss it into some champagne: chilly, refreshing, yummy and BUBBLEY!

UPDATE: Thanks to Debbie for naming the orange wine I had last night as a moscato.


Debbie said...

"wine type that starts with M"...Moscato?

Rea said... bubbly...anything!

Yes, please!