Friday, July 26, 2013

I LOVE IT SO MUCH, what is it?


Is there anything better than unexpected packages waiting at your door?
The handwriting and postmark indicated the parcel came from fTM Frack so I immediately activated quarantine and explosive procedures.
Once the box was cleared to be opened I found a wee purple wrapped parcel (always a good sign) and a note: I saw this in Maine, thought of you for some reason. (which might be a good sign?)
Oh. My. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Look at that little creature.
Look at it!
So adorable it pains my spleen.
I want to cuddle it to pieces, though being made of prickly wood kinda hinders that.

However, I am really unclear on what animal this fabulous ornament represents.
Look at the those felty feet, people.
Could they be cuter?
No, they couldn't.
Those toes obviously say some sort of climbing creature.
Basic morphology makes me think rodent or soricomorph (shrews and moles).
It was made in the Philippines so maybe it is an adorable island animal I've never heard of.

The face, oh the face...

And those eyes...

I am in love with those eyes.

For blops of paint I find them very expressive.
To me they say Hi there!
and Do you have any yummies?

and Did you hear that; was it a predator?
and I am clinging to this rope cause it is my lifeline
 and Are you sure it wasn't a predator; I am cute and crunchy
and Do you want to be friends?
and  Be sure to shoot my good side
and Is this going on your blog?
and Thanks for bringing me to work
and I like this flower arrangement, but I could hide better in a tree
 and I kinda like you; you're pretty.
I am reminded of Scrat from Ice Age who makes me laugh so hard that milk comes out of my nose.

So, my friends, I need your help.
What animal do YOU think it is?
Also I am stuck on a name because it feels like a boy, but the only name that seems right is distinctly female. So also leave name suggestions in the comments;  i'll even think of some prize if I adopt one of your suggestions.

UPDATE: if you name my lovey I will custom create a 4 pack of cards to your specifications or issue you a $15 NikCo Etsy credit, your choice. Suggest as many names as want.


Douglas said...

Scrat was first impression, too.

Kaaren said...

Is he a Tarsier?

Lenny? Boo? Tiny Tim the Tarsier?

Douglas said...

I wonder if he knows Croc-o-lyle....

Niki said...

The eyes certainly ring of tarsier, but the nose is way too pointy.
Rea suggested a hedgehog (though I don't see a comment from her yet) since you know about me and hedgehogs, but his hands are way too long.

Rea said...

Hedgehog named Murgatroyd

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to add by way of a name suggestion; I'm just here to agree that he does, indeed, look like Scrat from Ice Age.

Uh, okay. Martin? Louis? Samson? Eugene? Sparky? Stewart? Bartholomew? Crikey? David? Donovan? Mark? Percy? Frank?


Anonymous said...

His name is Percivil and he is a prickly squirrel rat from the Shattered wood forest in the kingdom of wilderia...and he loves to make new friends. :-)

Anonymous said...

His friends like to call him Percy for short

Rea said...

OK...after further review...Don't name him...don't look him directly in the eye. Listen, people, the cuteness factor is to lull's really the



Send him back from whence he came! (Nothing personal, Frack, I'm sure ME is a great place!)